The Landscape of Space

New ideas and new ways of seeing things are the domain of poets, artists, and dreamers. Can you stretch your mind? Can you dare follow a new path where no one has traveled before?

I do not have a degree in physics or mathematics but if I did, I am sure I would be following the same worn path as everyone else. My ideas are not main stream and you will not hear them anywhere else. I will introduce you to the 5th Dimension but it has a fresh new meaning and has nothing to do with previous theories.

Did you know that what you believe colors what you see? Did you know that you look with your understanding and you focus with your belief?

If we think the same thoughts, we will produce the same things. If we think new thoughts, we will produce new things. Can you gain a new perspective and look with fresh eyes? The perspective you use makes all the difference.

There are two people in this picture. Whom do you choose to see? (The chin of one is the nose of the other)




Today’s Science has done amazing things and taken us far. But today’s Science is built upon repeatable experiments and the exactness of measurement. Force is what action at a distance is called because our eyes tell us nothing. Gravity is accepted as a force because our eyes tell us nothing. We accept things and name what we see but these are descriptions only of what we SEE.

Many men pride themselves on the fact that they will only believe what they can SEE and yet in the entire electro-magnetic spectrum sight is only a very small part.

The 1st point that I would like to get across is that what we see is not reality.


This is a fresh way of looking at things and alien to common thought. 






Mankind must see distance as length of time as opposed to length of distance.

Let me explain further. We SEE Grandmas house as being 3 miles away. We really can't see her house from 3 miles, our mind accepts the geography. It does not really matter how far away her house is if we want to visit her. We will experience Grandmas house as 45 minutes if we walk, 20 minutes if we take a bike, and 5 minutes if we take the car. In the world of EXPERIENCE it doesn't matter how far it really is... only how long it takes you to get there.


Of course our minds tell us that the distance never changes- it is always 3 miles. But as we speed up our rate of travel, we change the amount of time it takes us to get there. We are effectively squeezing more distance into less time. Sure the distance remains the same but look at how our experience of 3 miles is changing depending upon how fast we go.

The distance to Grandmas house does not depend so much on feet and miles as it does on the rate of time

t takes us to get there. What we EXPERIENCE as TIME-Distance is more important then what we measure as distance.

We measure distance with a ruler. This is how mankind has thought of space for eons. But we EXPERIENCE distance by TIME. This is the new perspective we must grasp.

Do I really care if Grandma's house is 3 miles away?

No- because depending upon my rate of travel- that is how I will EXPERIENCE Time-Distance. It is not distance that determines reality but the passing rate of TIME. So my ruler has nothing to do with what I experience. My rate of travel has everything to do with what I experience. We will call this aspect of time the 5th Dimension. It is not our rulers that determine reality but what we EXPERIENCE. Our minds are stuck in a rut with what we see. We need to change our perspective and see EXPERIENCE itself as reality.

Einstein saw our universe as a space-time continuum, but it is Time itself which determines distance; Time itself which determines space.  And the 5th dimension, the passing rate of time determines our EXPERIENCE of reality.

Our universe may be a space-time continuum but it hangs on Time.  Space is simply an aspect of Time.

Everything is frequency.  Just as a string does nothing until it vibrates with Time and we experience music- so space is nothing until it vibrates with Time and we experience distance.  Everything is vibration.  Everything is orchestrated by Time.

One UNI-VERSE, one song with infinite melodies.

Isaac Newton and those great men before him built all their ideas on the fact that time only passes at one rate; that the distance between two points in empty space is always the same.  In The Principia by Isaac Newton he states:

As the order of the parts of time is immutable, so also is the order of the parts of space.

Only Einstein guessed that space was curved and that gravity was simply the geometry of space.  He showed that Time does not pass at a constant rate.  In Einstein’s Universe by Nigel Calder we see this statement:

So to speak of the slowing of time or the curving of space gives the same answer.

Einstein offered the visual of heavy matter sinking into the fabric of space.  Our minds grab onto this novel idea and then take us no further.  Are there other mind tools that can help us?

These are our Dimensions:

1.     Length

2.     Width

3.     Height

4.     Time

But there is a 5th  Dimension – THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL.  This 5th dimension determines distance, it determines the size of our universe and it determines the geometry of space and what we call gravity.  All force, anything that causes action at a distance is the operation of the 5th Dimension.

What is this 5th Dimension?

The Rate at Which Time Passes

I have spoken of us as determining distance by the Time it takes us to get somewhere and not as measured by a ruler.  We can change Time-Distance by changing our rate of travel and in doing so, slowing down the rate at which time passes.

What is not realized by today’s scientist is that space itself is created by the 5th Dimension (the rate at which time is passing).  There is nowhere, even in the farthest regions of empty space where time is not passing.  Time marches on whether we like it or not.  Just as we change Time-Distance by changing our rate of travel, the geometry of space will change if the 5th Dimension changes.

Can we SEE these operations of the 5th Dimension? No.  Can we experience these operations of the 5th Dimension? Yes.  When we speed up, accelerate, the 5th Dimension squeezes more space into the same amount of time and our experience of Time-Distance changes.  We cover more and more space in less and less time.  We are speeding up and slowing down the passing rate of time.

But what happens when we are not around?  Is space itself affected by the 5th Dimension?  If time slows down- does more distance get squeezed into the same amount of Time?


We cannot SEE this.  We cannot MEASURE it with our rulers (When time slows down, our rulers shrink).  But we CAN EXPERIENCE it.  If we enter a space where the 5th Dimension is changing, where time is slowing down, WE WILL SPEED UP! 

All matter is created by a changing 5th Dimension and forever associated with it.  The more matter there is, the more Time slows down, and the faster you will go.  The Sun contains much more matter then the earth and the 5th Dimension is stronger in its vicinity.  You will be pulled faster in the Sun’s vicinity.  The moon has less matter then our earth. The 5th Dimension is not as strong.  You can jump much higher because the attraction is not as strong.

We can affect the 5th Dimension by speeding up and squeezing more distance into less time.  Or the 5th Dimension can affect us by causing us to speed up in a geometry that is squeezing more distance into less time. In either case we cannot SEE or MEASURE it.  We can only EXPERIENCE it.


Mankind must see distance as length of time as opposed to length of distance.



When time slows down and distance expands, how come we cannot see it?  Because rulers shrink when time slows down.  The faster you go, the more distance gets packed into the same amount of Time.  Time itself divides, causing a unit of Time to shrink and since time creates space, more units of Time equal more space.


The 5th Dimension creates Space and Distance.  Our Universe was an implosion, not an explosion.  One unit of Time in which there was no distance began to split and divide causing space and distance.  Let us use an abstract mind tool to help us envision this.  Shine a flash light at the wall.  If you stand close to the wall it makes a small circle.  Imagine the distance which you stand from the wall as the 5th Dimension, the rate that time is passing.  As you back further and further from the wall, time slows down more and more and your circle on the wall gets bigger and bigger.  As time slows down and more units of time are created from that 1st unit of time, space expands.



Scientists believe that there is some mysterious force or DARK MATTER at the center of the universe causing it to expand.  They think this because Gravity is understood as an attractive force and there must be something counteracting it.

There is NO DARK MATTER.  The mysterious force pushing the stars in the expanding universe is the 5th dimension itself.  The passing rate of time is slowing down at each point in the entire Universe and it appears to us that the distant stars are racing faster and further as space itself expands.


Mankind must see distance as length of time as opposed to length of distance.


Let’s use yet another mind tool to help us understand.  We will take an Alice In Wonderland approach.  Let us take a box in which Alice fits just perfectly.  We will call that box one unit, one space, perfect for one Alice. Now let us divide that box into a million pieces, a million spaces.  Of course Alice cannot fit into a millionth of a box but what if she could?  What if the 5th dimension could shrink her to fit into one millionth of that box? Of course her ruler would shrink right along with her and the only thing she could tell for sure was that suddenly space and distance had expanded a million times.  In effect that is just what the 5th Dimension does to us when it shrinks our rulers and expands our space.  We cannot SEE it, we can only experience it.


Let us get back to how the 5th Dimension changes the geometry of space.

I must repeat myself.  Like learning a new language you must go over the same things until a mind structure is built, an inner map, a picture of understanding.

Can you see empty space if nothing is in it? No

Then how do you know what distance is? You ASSUME it is the shortest distance between 2 points.  But what IS the shortest distance? That which takes the least TIME. 

If the vibrations of Time determine distance and we cannot SEE the vibrations of Time then we cannot determine distance with our eyes or our rulers.  What is the shortest distance between 2 points?  That which takes the least time.

Can you see Time? No

Can you touch Time? No

Can you experience Time? Yes

Can you see Distance? (You think you can) No

Can you touch Distance? No

Can you experience Distance? Yes

We determine distance by time and time by distance and think we can measure both with rulers and clocks.

Reality can only be experienced.  Distance is an aspect of Time and nothing more.  What we eyeball as distance, what we measure as distance is as far from Reality as a string is from a melody.


Mankind must see distance as length of time as opposed to length of distance.


If Grandma’s house is 3 miles away and Aunt Joy’s house is 6 miles away, whose house is closer?

What a no brainer we say and pick Grandma’s house.  But we have not considered the 5th dimension, the rate at which time passes.  If we walk to Grandma’s and take a car to Aunt Joy’s- Aunt Joy’s house is closer in distance because we took a shorter time to get there.  In Reality, true distance can only be experienced.

Remember- just as a string does nothing until it vibrates with Time and we experience music- so space is nothing until it vibrates with Time and we experience Time-Distance.

Is there anything to show us that we are on the right track?  That true distance is associated with Time and not the shortest distance between 2 points?  YES Did you know that light does not travel the shortest distance between 2 points but always the path of least time?  Light would choose Aunt Joy’s house every time.  Isn’t that interesting considering the fact that light cannot speed up or slow down?  Hmmmm, do you think that might mean the geometry of space is not what we think it is?  That distance is determined by the 5th Dimension?

Let us go back to Grandma’s house.


We can see from this example that it is taking less time to get to Grandma’s if we increase our speed.  But it is only an accelerating speed that will change the 5th Dimension and pack more and more distance into less and less time.  Although I do not have an example of this I am sure you can imagine a rainbow of colors as speed increases at a steady rate.  Let us imagine a spaceship accelerating in outer space and a rainbow inside it representing more and more space being squeezed into Time by the 5th dimension.  (Sorry I don’t have the rainbow, just imagine it)

Did you know that an accelerating speed will create gravity inside the spacecraft?  Einstein said that Gravity and Acceleration are THE SAME THING.  You cannot tell if you are in an accelerating space ship in outer space or on an elevator on the earth.  In both cases your feet are pushing on the floor.  Now how can this be when one is in motion and the other is not?  Because Both are caused by the 5th Dimension.

We affect the 5th Dimension by speeding up and squeezing more distance into less time.  Or the 5th Dimension can affect us by causing us to speed up in a geometry that is squeezing more distance into less time. In either case we cannot SEE or MEASURE it.  We can only EXPERIENCE it.  When distance gets squeezed, we and our rulers get squeezed right along with it.


Let us get back to the example of light.  One of Einstein’s proofs of Relativity is that he said gravity warps space and light will curve in towards a gravitational field.  He suggested noting a particular location for a group of stars and observing their location when there was an eclipse. This was done and the odd thing was, the stars location appeared to change in the sky.  What had happened was that the light from these stars had curved in toward the sun on their path toward the earth.  Anyone observing this light would see the stars in a different location.

Light was not taking a direct path toward earth; it was detouring near the sun.  Kind of like heading to Aunt Joys. Scientist will say that this is due to Gravity.  Einstein says it was due to a warping of space.  We will say it is due to the 5th Dimension squeezing more space into less time, cutting down TIME.  Light detours towards the Sun because it is the path of least TIME\.

Our Universe is a Time Field and nothing else, its size and geometry dictated by the 5th Dimension.  There is so much that we do not see and so much that we do not understand.  The artists, the poets, and the dreamers are closer to Reality then we could ever guess.


To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.

William Blake