What is the theory of Timetrics?

The passing rate of time is what determines the size and shape of space. And the size and shape of space is what appears to us as a gravitational field.

Space and time are not constant. The universe, space, expands and contracts in different places. Time is not constant. It speeds up and slows down.

Not only do we live in a multi-dimensional universe, but it is constantly changing. It constantly changes its dimensions by how fast or slow time is passing.

In outer space if we supply energy and move faster we change the size of space by slowing down the rate at which time passes. On earth the size of space changes and causes us to move faster because the rate at which time is passing is slowing down.


On the one hand we move and space changes. On the other hand, space changes and we move. That is all that gravity is.

Stop calling gravity a force. It is simply due to the size of space changing and that is due to the slowing down of time.

If you go a further distance because the slowing down of time has squeezed more distance into space- you must move faster. You are covering more distance.

This is a counter intuitive idea.

Space is not static. Time is not constant. Force at at distance is not a force at all. Just the changing landscape of the size of space caused by a changing rate in the passage of time.




Space can be likened to a string of pearls. The true measurement of distance is determined by the distance between the pearls. But we cannot see nor measure this true distance. We measure distance with our rulers and yardsticks which always stay the same no matter how space is changing

But distance and space does shrink and expand depending on how fast you are traveling and your ruler changes right along with it. And what determines how fast you are traveling? Your velocity... distance/time.

But Einstein said your ruler (distance) and your time (the rate at which time passes) shrink and slow depending on how fast you go. To you, when you are moving faster, your ruler always measures 12 inches. But an outside watching you would see your ruler and your space shrink more the faster you go.

In essence you will always think the string of pearls as evenly spaced no matter what you do.

In reality if you start out slow, then go near the speed of light and then slow down again your true space will crowd the pearls closer together as you travel faster and then space them further out again when you slow down.

Relativity does not just appear to an outsider that your ruler and space have shrunk. They really have shrunk !

Remember Einstein's twin example? One twin stays home and the other travels into space at mear the speed of light? The passing of time slows for the traveling twin and when he returns home his brother has aged 100 years. The traveling twin slows down time and crowds space together so he can travel great distances in not a lot of time. The stay at home twin does not change his time or space.

We are not aware that space is expanding or contracting because our rulers and yardsticks are shrinking and expanding right along with it. But light knows. Light always travels at one rate of speed so when it encounters more distance it will squeeze its wavelength. The fact that light gains more energy when coming in at 90 degrees to our atmospher appears to indicate that it is traveling a greater distance. Upon leaving (straight up) the opposite happens and its wavelength is stretched. Evidently to determine true distance and the real contours of space we must use light as a yardstick.

So how does the passing rate of time determine gravity? Time slows down towards the center of any mass. More space gets packed into a shorter distance. We are back to the string of pearls. They become squeezed together as they get closer to earth. Because there is in reality more distance then you can see (because time is slowing down)... YOU MUST MOVE AT A FASTER RATE!

In a gravitational field your ruler is shrinking as you move towards the center of a mass. More space is being packed into a smaller and smaller distance. The outer space traveler changed space by using energy to move faster. A gravitational field changes space by packing more of it into a tighter and tighter distance. You are going a further distance and must speed up. Your ruler shrinks and your time slows down as you move through a greater and greater distance near the earth.

Can we "see" this? No. Our rulers shrink and expand with space so we cannot determine the true size and shape of space.

In essence the space around our world is like a vanishing stair case.

More and more steps get packed into the same distance. More and more space gets packed into the same time.

What happens when time slows down and packs more distance in the same amount of space? You speed up- WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING. It is not a force. Because more space is packed into the same amount of time you are traveling further and must speed up to do so.

On the one hand we move and space changes. On the other hand, space changes and we move. That is all gravity is.

So why does space expand and contract? Why does time slow down and speed up?

Let us begin with the fact that light always travels at the same speed and particles are made of light.

Everything is made of light (or electromagnetic waves). Remember the Big Bang?

When light gets caughts up in a circle (imagine a vortex), it changes the rate at which time passes.


The center blue part of the light wave appears to travel a shorter distance then the outer yellow part of the revolving, standing light wave. But the entire wave must travel the same distance at the same rate. Distance cannot be directly changed. Time cannot be directly changed. There is only one variable that can change in order for it to do this. The passing rate of time MUST slow down more and more as you move towards the center so that distance is stretched as you travel around the circle but squeezed as you travel straight in. Consequently distance and time ARE changed but in an indirect way by the passing rate of time slowing down.

Above you can see how an electron is created. When two pieces of electromagnetic waves strike each other just right, they send each other rotating in opposite directions somewhat like two little circular vortexes. These are true point particles where the mass is totally created by the slowing down of time and a changing space. As particles accumulate and interact they warp the space around them more and more.

What are the implications of this? If gravity is not a force but a warping of space where more space is squeezed with the slowing down of time, could we warp space ourselves and cause gravity? Can we slow down time more then it is slowed by gravity and "fall up"? We already create artificial gravity by speeding up. Would it be possible to create an artifical gravity field outside a vehicle instead of in it? Could we do this by spinning an electromagnetic wave around a saucer shaped vehicle? If we could control the rate at which time is passing can we squeeze space and travel great distances to reach the stars?

I wonder...